Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lebaonese anti-Semitism: and proud Lebanese corruption

So LBC-TV had a show on Lebanese greatness--I am not making this up. Lebanese Forces anchor, May Shidyaq, invited a handful of Lebanese to celebrate Lebanese greatness. One of the guest is Ron Seikaly. He was asked about the "Lebanese lobby" and he went on to talk about "the Jewish lobby" and how it controls "the media, sports, entertainment" as he said. They also celebrated and honored Sam Zakem. But they did not tell the viewers that "In a federal indictment in Denver, former Ambassador to Bahrain Sam Zakhem and two associates were charged with accepting $7.7 million from Kuwait in 1990 to help win American public support for military action against Iraq. Zakhem, 56, who made an unsuccessful bid this year to become the G.O.P. Senate nominee from Colorado, was accused of failing to register with the Justice Department under the Foreign Agents Registration Act and of avoiding U.S. income taxes."

PS If you really want to understand my hostility to Lebanon, watch this show. They later mentioned on the show that there is a brillian Lebanese who "invented" a cure for cancer in France (I mentioned that dude before). They also said that it is "internationally known" that Lebanese men are handsome--but I think that they were talking about Samir Ja`ja` (Ga`ga`), the idol of May Shidyaq. They said that in philosophy, Gibran is a landmark. It was Jubran who said that there are "rotten teeth" in the mouth of that nation.