Sunday, January 11, 2009

Abu Mazen

If you think about it, the Western rhetorical policy toward democracy and its promotion has reached a comical level with the expiration of the term of Abu Mazen (New TV now calls him "the president whose term has expired). So when Western governments refer to a "democratically elected" puppet, they mean democratically elected for life. So if Western governments can arrange only once for the election of a puppet--by hook or by crook, as they say--, he (they never support women) becomes democratically elected for life. So Abu Mazen's term expired, and he decided to stay, and EU, US, and UN cheered and thought that this really serves the purpose of democracy. In fact, I really kind of like this trend. If Abu Mazen decided without any electoral mandate or even puppet legal permission, to make himself president, I have decided today to make myself president of all countries in Europe lying between Germany and Italy. More presidential decrees will emanate from me soon.