Friday, December 05, 2008

Rashid Khalidi in Haaretz. First, I wish Rashid gave this lengthy and extensive interview to an Arabic (or even American) newspaper, instead of this lousy Israeli newspaper. Secondly, the problem with the Obama administration is not only in the person of Dennis Ross: "If some of the unimaginative, close-minded and biased advocates of conventional thinking who bear a major share of the responsibility for the mess we have been in for over 20 years - from the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations to that of Clinton, even before George W. Bush made things even worse - are appointed to important posts, my expectations will be low." Foreign policy making is far more complicated to be reduced to the biases and ignorance of this one man. And why didn't Rashid name Ross in this instance? It is high time that when we attack Israeli policies and war crimes or their sponsoring American policies that we name names and not pull any punches, as the cliche goes. Thirdly, no: there is no evidence whatsoever that "J-Street" has had any impact: ""They appear to have begun to make some headway." What headway are we talking about here? Fourthly, regarding Israeli so-called peace camp: what is exactly that they are doing? ""I respect what many Israeli groups and individuals do." Maybe I have not been reading newspapers and not watching TV, but what are they doing at all, aisde from uprooting Palestinian olive treets and evicting Palestinians from their homes, and cheering every Israeli war or invasion ever launched? Fifthly, I don't know why it was significant to mention that Rashid was not held at the airport: if he was not, thousands of Arab travelers are held at that racist airport daily.