Thursday, October 23, 2008

Uffe sent me this from Sweden: "I have to tell you a cuple of stories about shoes. It is not very interesting. The first one, comes from back in the nineties when the british band Oasis came to Stockholm to play. Oasis has this singer Liam Gallagher that is quite a cocky person. At one moment at the concert something happened that made him a bit irritated. He said: "Shoes on stage, band go home". So some people had apparently thrown shoes on stage! And I actually know this much. Neither Liam Gallagher nor his bandmates are arabs. Maybe it is a swedish thing too. From a blog that I stumbled upon, I could read that women should try to throw shoes at their boyfriends. Preferable highheels. And in this article from the northern part of Sweden, a man have just been convicted (article from 21:st october 2008) for violent resistance against a policeofficer by throwing his shoe at the police. He received a fine. "På polisstationen kastade mannen en sko mot en av poliserna och sedan blev han så aggressiv att poliserna använde pepparspray. "From the article, roughly translated: "At the policestation the man threw a shoe against one of the policeofficers and then he became so aggressive that the police had to use pepperspray."