Thursday, August 28, 2008

So much of the modern propaganda machine owes its features and orientations to the German-American graduate of Harvard University, Ernst Hanfstaengl (Putzi). As is known, Hanfstaengl advised Hitler on media and electoral campaigning before he fled under still mysterious circumstances to the U.S. (where he would advise the U.S. government). There is a book on him (his autobiography--while interesting--can't be trusted at all because he tried to downplay his role with Hilter and the Nazi party) titled: Hitler's Piano Player by Peter Conradi. I thought of him when I saw the Obama mass rally today. (Now this is not a comment on the speech: which, while so well delivered and written could have been written by Dick Morris. Not a word about racism and inequality. Well, he also made sure to say that he will do his utmost to protect the U.S....and Israel. And to please some angry white voters, he admonished black fathers. They like that. Also, I have lived here for 25 years and every four year I watch the same media routine during party conventions. They build up the suspense: will the rival of the candidate during the primary support him in his/her speech? And the verdict is always that they have indeed. And they they talk about the candidate's speech, and they wonder whether he will be effective: and they always say that it was, and that it exceeded expectations. Now don't get me wrong: Obama's oratorical skills are far and beyond American politicians, but still. The media are very predictable and they repeat one another. Also, can somebody tell Hillary Clinton that her attempts at humor are jarring? I also think that the Clintons sabotaged the candidacy of Obama from the beginning. And what is with Obama mentioning Middle East oil? Is Middle East oil worse than, oil from Venezuela? Middle East oil is now such a small percentage of all US oil imports.)