Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another Democratic Defeat. The choice of Biden as VP is dumb. But then again: Democrats are most skillful in losing election. They are not even smart enough to realize maybe if you pick a politician from a Republican or on-the-edge state and who can carry, you enhance your chances. But Obama picks somebody from...Delaware. How many electoral votes does Delaware have? Whopping three. That would make for a victory, I am sure. Biden is the man who thinks he is a foreign policy expert because he wants to divide Iraq into three mini-states. Oh, yeah? How would he like it if an Arab proposes to divide his precious Delaware into three mini-states? Also, he is like other Senators: a predictable Zionist fanatic. A colleague of mine was once invited to testify before his committee. Biden asked him to join him for lunch afterwards. I asked the colleague if Biden sounded different on Israel in private. He said: no. He was as bad in private as he sound in public. Obama is doing everything possible to get...McCain elected as president.