Thursday, July 24, 2008

Samir Quntar was on Future TV. MEMRI typically took one sentence from a long interview to market. He again denied the Israeli version of events of what happened back in 1979, when he was 16 years old. He revealed the Maariv the day after his arrest in 1979, reported that the victims in that attack were killed by Israeli gunfire. He said that he was subjected to torture in order for him to agree to the Israeli version of events, but said that the judge did not include the charge about killing the girl in his sentencing. He said that an Israeli medical doctor participated in the cruel and savage torture to which he was subjected. He also spoke about the history of Palestinian prisoners' protests in the apartheid state of Zionism. More than 100 prisoners have been shot and killed in those protests. In 1970, Israeli occupation prison guards shot and killed a Palestinian prisoner during a major protest when the prisoners protested the Israeli policy whereby all prisoners were required to address their jailers as "O, Master." In other news, the killer of women, children, and elderly and the killer of Palestinian poet, Kamal Nasir, remains at large. And he (Ehud Barak), yesterday gave a tour of the occupied territories to Obama.