Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Of course, the New York Times is busy producing propaganda and lies on behalf of the Israeli government. I was reading their accounts of the prisoner exchange and remembering the words of the late George Carlin: why are Israeli terrorists called commandos, and why are Palestinian commandos called terrorists. And there are always stories about the "victims" of Palestinian operations on Palestinian lands but never stories about the victims of Israeli crimes. Not one story about those Israeli "prisoners": What were those Israeli occupation killers doing in Lebanon in the first place? And I hate how Israeli (and American and Saudi) propaganda keep referring to Israeli prisoners by their names, to humanize them. You will never see refer to them by their names here because I refuse to succumb to the media standards that distinguish between expensive human being, and the cheaper human beings. You want me to feel sorry for an Israeli pilot who was downed while dropping cluster bombs on villages and towns in South Lebanon? Are you kidding me? And then this by Dina Kraft: "Mr. Kuntar, who was formally pardoned by Israel on Tuesday as part of the swap agreement, gave a different version of the night of the attack in his court testimony in 1980, excerpts of which were published for the first time on Monday in Yediot Aharonot, an Israeli newspaper. He told the court that Israeli gunfire had killed Mr. Haran as soldiers burst in to free him and that he did not see what happened to Mr. Haran’s daughter." First, tell Dina Kraft of the New York Times to do some research. Kuntar never belonged to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. He belonged to the Palestinian Liberation Front. Secondly, of course Israel never released the transcript of the trial before because Israel--like that character played by Jack Nicholson said--"CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH." Why would Israel release the actual transcript of the court when they prefer their lies and fabrications to prevail, just as they lied about Munich and their precious athletes. I am more convinced than ever: this is a long struggle, and Zionism will not prevail on the land of Palestine, no matter what, and I don't care how many Bush, McCain, and Obama come to the rescue of Israeli occupation and aggression.