Saturday, May 31, 2008

Walid Jumblat clearly wrote this press release that was issued by his "socialist" and "progressive" party in response to Muhammad Hasanyn Haykal's recent criticisms of Jumblat. But Haykal deserved the criticisms: he never has the courage to go all the way in any criticism of anybody. He criticized Jumblat, and then calls him "my friend." Just as three weeks ago he said something about King Hasan II of Morocco, and then he stressed that he was his friend. Even with Sadat: he is restrained in his criticisms. And last year when he spoke to the Independent about Mubarak, he later explained away his words. But this is Haykal: I don't know why he is careful. He always acts that he needs not burn his bridges because he may hold a ministerial position. It is too late in the game, Mr.