Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Angry Arab and Rep. Kucinich. I received an email from the office of Dennis Kucinich (House member from Ohio, and former Democratic presidential candidate) that he has read my interview on Democracy Now and that he would like to discuss the Lebanon situation with me. So he called me a few hours later and we talked about Lebanon and US policy in the Middle East. I found him quite knowledgeable and nice: just as he comes across. He told me that he visited Lebanon twice in the last 18 months. He met with Fu'ad Sanyurah twice. He visited South Lebanon (and knew names of villages) and has a piece from Qana that he looks at daily to remember the victims of the Israeli massacre there, he told me. He told me about the bill that was being discussed in Congress: it basically supports the Sanyurah-Hariri side and their militias in the conflict in Lebanon. He told me his arguments and said that he only expect three members of Congress to vote No. I told him (twice) that we need him to speak more on behalf of the Palestinians especially given the cowardice of members of Congress on Palestine. I said that there are no courageous voices on Palestine in DC. He told me that he puts out a weekly statement on the Palestinians, and asked for my email to send them to me. He asked me to meet with him next time I visit Washington, DC, and I agreed. I asked him about his impression of Sanyurah. He told me that during the debate in Congress today one member of Congress disagreed that Sanyurah was opposed to Israeli bombing of Lebanon during the Israeli war and that the member said that "he did not try to stop it."