Sunday, April 27, 2008

"While Israel contends that between 500 and 700 Hizbollah fighters were killed, the group itself said that about 80 fighters had died. Hizbollah sources admit that the losses were double that figure, while the US military study decided the death toll was 184. 'How could they be lying so much?' asked one resident of the south. 'People would not tolerate not having a funeral or posters of their son or husband. If it were 700 dead fighters, we would all know. We'd know more people killed, we'd be hearing the complaints from the families. Where can you hide 700 dead bodies in south Lebanon? It's too small.'" Did Israel not also claim that it found the bodies of three Iranian soldiers in South Lebanon at the time? Whatever happened to them? One thing is for sure: I lived to see the day when Israeli media lied more than Egyptian media in 1967. There is a consolation for there. (thanks Victoria)