Tuesday, April 29, 2008

US Congress: "1) recognizes the historic significance of the 60th anniversary of the reestablishment of the sovereign and independent State of Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people; (2) reaffirms its enduring support for Israel as Israel pursues peace with its neighbors; (3) reaffirms its support for Israel's right to defend itself against threats to its security and existence; (4) commends the people of Israel for their remarkable achievements in building a new state and a pluralistic, democratic society in the face of terrorism, as well as hostility, ostracism, and belligerence from many of their neighbors; (5) reaffirms the bonds of friendship and cooperation which have existed between the United States and Israel for the past 60 years, and commits to strengthening those bonds; and (6) extends the warmest congratulations and best wishes to the State of Israel and the Israeli people for a peaceful, prosperous, and successful future."
(Passed 417-0, 15 not voting (2/3 required)