Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Samir Ja`ja`: the diplomat. A friend told me this story about a Lebanese in LA during the visit of Samir Ja`ja` (Ga`ga` in Egyptian accent) during his recent visit:
"He was out of the house and his wife called saying that some people were asking about him. Turns out they were FBI and Homeland Security agents. They were waiting for him at his house. When they asked him to come home because they needed to talk to him, he insisted on meeting them at his lawyer's office. They said he didn't need a lawyer, they just wanted to talk, but he refused to do that without a lawyer. They met at the lawyer's office. They told him that they want him to keep away from a "certain diplomat" that was visiting the LA area. Then by talking further, they let on that the diplomat was our beloved* Samir Ja'j'a. They told him that they knew about his activities, and they don't want him to be in the same area as Samir during the visit. Then they told him that they know that he had booked a table at a dinner to honor Samir, and that they want him not to be present at that dinner. In threatening manner they told him that many people attending the dinner had a picture of him and knew what he looked like and what activities he was engaged in, and don't want him there. According to him, it was more of a threat not to attend than a warning for his own safety."
* Here, my source is being sarcastic.
PS I am withholding the name of the peson in question.