Sunday, April 20, 2008

"In the latest remarks, Montazeri said that he, like Khomeini, "made promises" ahead of the revolution that were never fulfilled. "The people, assuming the promises will be met, brought about the revolution and paid a heavy price but those promises were not met," Montazeri said, adding that he has been receiving e-mails labeling him an "accomplice" to the demise of the revolution's ideals. "We promised to promote freedom, stop despotism and give value to people's views. It didn't happen," said the 86-year-old ailing cleric. Montazeri is one of just a few Grand Ayatollahs — the most senior theologians of the Shiite Muslim faith. But after he was placed under house arrest, state-run media stopped referring to Montazeri by his religious title, describing him instead as a "simple-minded" cleric. Any talk about Montazeri was strongly discouraged, references to him in schoolbooks were removed and streets named after him were renamed." (thanks Michele)