Saturday, March 29, 2008

To protest the attempt (by the Lebanese security services to please Iran and its supporters in Lebanon) to ban the film in Lebanon--it has since been unbanned, Persepolis, Al-Akhbar published illustration from Persepolis.
(Al-Akbar was the only paper to do so in Lebanon. Yet, Hariri propagandists and hoodlums continue to wrongly associate the newspaper with Iran. I defy you to look at all the issues of last year to try to find one article in Al-Akhbar that praises Iran. I have criticized Khumanyni's Islamic Revolution, the Iranian president, Iranian policies, and the spiritual guide of Iran in Al-Akhbar. And I also defy you to look at the Hariri rag issues from the same year and try to find ONE issue in the same period that does NOT contain praise for Saudi Arabia. Start the exercise NOW).