Saturday, March 22, 2008

"Rafi Dajani, who was the American Task Force on Palestine’s second-ranking official and one of the country’s most visible speakers on Palestinian affairs, was fired in late January due to an “apparent breach of his fiduciary responsibilities,” according to a statement issued by the group February 29. Sources outside the organization said Dajani was allegedly responsible for tens of thousands of dollars that had gone missing from the group’s funds." Now I don't appreciate your snickering. I really don't. Here, I am sharing some news with you, and I encounter your snickering. You stop that right NOW. We all know that if there is one thing--one thing--that advocates for Muhammad Dahlan care about it is transparency and integrity. In fact, Muhammad Dahlan and his supporters worldwide are known for being the stalwart enemies of corruption. And when this man allegedly embezzled "tens of thousands of dollars"--all collected in small donations from fans of Muhammad Dahlan in the US--, the Dahlan task force acted firmly.