Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sectarian politics: worse than disunity is sectarian solidarity. Read the text of this lousy letter from the Lebanese state's most senior Shi`ite cleric, `Abdul-Amir Qabalan, to Iraqi puppet prime minister, Nuri Al-Maliki. Notice that he called on him to seek the guidance of the lousy Ayatullahs in Najaf--who are still worried about Chess but not about foreign occupation--and to combat "corruption and terrorism" but not foreign occupation. In fact, he did not use the word occupation in this lousy letter. So according to Shi`ite sectarian parties in the Middle East, foreign occupation is undesirable except when Shi`ite sectarian puppets are installed by occupation forces. This explains why you will not hear one word of criticisms of the Iraqi puppet government in Hizbullah's propaganda outlets. So if Dahlan were to convert to Shi`ism, would he obtain the support of Qabalan?