Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jumblat in the Guradian: and Hitler loved Classical music. So war criminals will be labeled as intellectuals if they leaf through copies of the New Yorker. Notice that Jumblat always mention the New Yorker and New York Review of Books in interviews with Western journalists, and they are always impressed. And notice that Black--who I am told has a son serving in Israeli occupation army--gets so many facts wrong. Jumblat aligned with the Syrian regime right after the assassination of his father, and not after the 1982 Israeli invasion. And notice that Black shaved some of the words of Jumblat in his recent speech when he threatened to burn the "barren and the green" all over Lebanon. And notice that Black is wrong that Jumblat opposed the Syrian regime in 2000--he did, for weeks, before he postrated himself again. "Huddled over a stove by the window overlooking the snow-covered hills, Junblatt — bald, wiry and with bulging eyes — was leafing through copies of the New Yorker and a collection of essays by Susan Sontag, confirming his reputation as an intellectual with a wide range of interests – and talking all the while in Arabic, English and French." (thanks to Rime, Kamal, Ali, Lucy, and Fadi)
PS I am on the road so I don't have access to the picture of Jumblat drinking Mattah.