Sunday, December 30, 2007

Julia Butrus banned from Al-Manar TV: ironies of religious media. Julia Butrus revealed in an interview on New TV that her song, Ahibba'i(My Beloved Ones, which is compiled from words used in a speech by Hasan Nasrallah--I don't like the song, I prefer her song, Lebanon has Won (Intisara Lubnan) has been banned from Al-Manar TV because they ban singing by women, from a religious point of view (is that due to the misogynistic view that the voice of the woman is a "`awrah" (pudendum), according to medieval (and present-day Wahhabi) theologians? She said that this ban displeased her. I am upset too: I have this new video clip in which I sing (accompanied by a `Ud a classical song, and it has not aired on any TV in the Middle East. (The song goes like this: "And From the Window. I shall throw off myself to you, and from the window....")