Saturday, December 15, 2007

Iyad Jamal Ad-Din is a member of the puppet parliamentary bloc of Iyad `Allawi (the former puppet prime minister/car bomber/embezzler-in-Yemen/confirmed fabricator/Saddam's henchman) and is a pro-Saudi Shi`ite cleric. He is very eloquent and media savvy. He was on Saudi TV, as he is favored in Saudi media. He is known for saying that the Iraqi people ought to kiss the hands of the American occupations soldiers in gratitude. He claims that he survived five assassination attempts although nobody can find evidence of any of them. To confirm his religiosity, he said that he recites to himself Surat As-Samad 1000 times a day (among other Suwar from the Qur'an). Hell, I recite Jingle Bells 5000 times a day but I never brag about that.