Thursday, November 29, 2007

Notice that this "expert" from the Dahlan lobbying arm in Washington, DC is dismissing the significance of unconditional US adoption of the Israeli position. And notice that the this Dahlan shop considers its support for a Palestinian state as its "pro-Palestinian" credential. Hell. Bush and Dahlan support a Palestinian state. "“Surprise! The U.S. is more attuned to Israeli interests,” said Ghaith al-Omari, a former Palestinian negotiator who is the director of advocacy at the American Task Force on Palestine, a nonpartisan group that supports a Palestinian state." Even the New York Times noticed the bias of Bush, but not this brilliant "expert": " Mr. Bush’s speech, while calling for a Palestinian state and promising that he would do whatever he could to help things along, was notable in that he explicitly took on only one of the core issues, the fate of Palestinian refugees, and, on that issue, sided with Israel."