Sunday, October 28, 2007

This passes as a debate in Saudi media. The able (but misguided) Shadha `Amr hosted a discussion on US attack on Iran on her show, Al-Hadath on LBC-TV. To represent the Arab view, she invited Husayn Shubukji (a House of Saud propagandist--in fact, is he not one of those who cheered for Bin Laden when under orders, and then transformed into a Wahhabi liberal under orders too?) who said that "reliable" reports confirm that an attack on Iran will come in a few months--he said it smiling. To represent the Iranian point of view, an Iranian living in London was invited. He spent much of his time praising the Hariri family and the House of Saud, and even went on in praise of King Fahd. He also blamed the Arabs for Israeli wars on them. `Azmi Bisharah was the voice of reason. He was very good and effective, although he looked frustrated--you can't blame him. He criticized all Arab regimes, and described Iranian foreign policy as "opportunistic" but added: "But US foreign policy is colonialist."