Thursday, October 25, 2007

My theory for the rescheduling of the King `Abdullah "documentary" on Al-Arabiya TV. The promos for the "documentary" have included clips of Prince Bandar Bin Bribes talking extensively about the time in 2002 when the Saudi King told Bush that he was freezing Saudi-American relations, and that he has proven to be hostile to Arabs and Muslims. I think that this entire section will be re-edited to spare the US administration any embarrassing coverage especially that Al-Arabiya is getting more and more extreme by the day in its advocacy on behalf of Bush propaganda (and AlJazeera seems to be following the footsteps of Al-Arabiya TV--just wait). Al-Arabiya TV hosted (in the studio as they always do when the guest is a US military person) Gen. Petraeus. It was quite an incredible interview. The questions were as hard-hitting as when Larry King bombarded Frank Sinatra with such hard-hitting questions: Why do we love you so much, Frank? Why are you so good at what you do, Frank? Is it difficult being the best, Frank?