Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jumblat on US election. So Walid Jumblat gave an interview to AlJazeera. This leader of the sovereignty movement in Lebanon, and who called for the use of car bombs in his talk at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said that Dennis Ross "will" be appointed Secretary of State if Hillary Clinton is elected president. These little Lebanese leaders, get invited to Washington, to be used and misused and used again, think that by serving as small tools of empire they have been elevated to partners in policy making in Washington, DC. People like Jumblat think that they have become US politicians: today he was surprised that he was not on the stage with the Democratic candidates (although he is a Republican in passion). He does not know what we all know: that it does not take much for an Arab to be invited to DC and to meet with US senators, and to be given the dubious honor of addressing the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. An Arab baboon who attacks the enemies of the US, and who refrains from criticizing Israel will be immediately invited to Washington, DC and a meeting with Steven (or Steve as Jumblat calls him) Hadley would be arranged.