Friday, September 14, 2007

You may have watched Nabih Birri on LBC yesterday. Yet again he proves that he just can't burn bridges to any side in Lebanon. It is very important for him to stay as speaker of parliament. Oh, and he as usual paid tribute to Saudi Arabia. This week, his designated Shi`ite deputy chairperson of the Sh`ite Supreme Council in Lebanon (he is deputy because the masses are still awaiting the return of Musa As-Sadr who "disappeared" in Libya in 1978), `Abdul-Amir Qabalan (who had a reputation of being bribable with no more than a dish of frakah in South Lebanon when he was Ja`farite Mufti of Lebanon) met with the Saudi King. He presumably thanked him for carrying the mantle of Zarqawi in aggravating Sunni-Shi`ite tensions in the region.