Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Official insists Israeli arrested in Beirut wasn't working for gov't". And as you know, you can always believe Israeli denials in such matters. As is well-known, Israeli government does not lie in such cases. As is well-known, Israel even denied that the Egyptian ring (the famous Lavon Affair) was working on behalf of the Israeli government when it was placing bombs in Egypt. As is well-known, Israel denied the Elie Cohen was a Mossad agent. (thanks Sellam)
PS There is a new twist to the story now. Israeli propagandists are now saying that the guy is gay. OK, thanks for telling us but why is that relevant? Are you saying that Israelis who are gay are thus qualified and justified to shoot at and spy on Arabs? But just watch: now liberal groups in the West, and what Joseph Massad calls Gay International, will make this guy a symbol of Arab oppression of gay people.