Friday, September 21, 2007

Of course, Michael Young, is now published in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times because of his right-wing views, and because he is willing to write whatever fits with the agenda of wars and policies of this administration. And notice that when Young writes about Lebanon, Israel appears to be so innocent that its bombings of Lebanon and Syria and Palestine never warrants a mention. Now that would not be seen kindly by those US newspapers, would it? I don't recall reading Young in US newspapers when he was railing against Israel and was rather "polite" if not favorable toward Syria back when he wrote in the Lebanon report in the 1990s. But you have to give it to Young: who can manage two cliches in one sentence: "Mr. Assad will play hardball, but he faces some heat." Also, Mr. Young: whatever happened to offshoots? (thanks Regan)