Friday, September 28, 2007

Conspiracy? What conspiracy? It is amazing how much efforts Saudi media make these days to help Israeli and US interests. This morning, Al-Arabiya TV aired a report on the Israeli citizen held in Lebanon. The report said that the man in question could not be a spy because his father in Israeli denied that he was a spy--I kid you not. In the same hour, the station aired a report from Basrah University, in which it was maintained that scientists at the university are making great scientific discoveries and you would not even know that there is war and occupation in Iraq from that report. Lastly, the anchorwoman Najwa Al-Qasim (formerly of Hariri TV), mocked the bombing of Sep. 11 by saying: we will now air a report on "ghazwat New York" ("the raid on New York" which is the same language used by Al-Qa`idah to refer to Sep. 11 bombings). She then laughed and said: Hee. Hee. Hee. I was talking about the visit by the Iranian president to New York.