Monday, September 17, 2007

Adonis said in an interview on Al-Arabiya TV that he is not against religion but is opposed to "the wrong interpretation of religion." I kid you not. So he wants you to only believe in God Adonis who can supply you with the "correct interpretation" of religion. Some of the things he said in that interview are only heard from Pat Robertston or from Jerry Falwell. He said that the Arabs are facing extinction "civilizationally speaking." He said that a culture of submission prevails in the Arab world. If that is the case, o great poet, why do Arab regimes resort to killing hundreds of thousands of Arabs? Is that not because of disobedience? How many Iraqis disobeyed Saddam over the years? And when Adonis was praising the Islamic Revolution in Iran and the leadership of Khomeini, Iranian leftists were disobeying Khomeini, and being punished for the disobedience.