Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rami Khouri at the Daily Star. I have posted several items regarding what is happening at the Daily Star. One of them referred to Rami Khouri. He wrote to me disputing the account of the former staffer. I told him that I am willing to post his response on my site. Here it is:

""I enjoy a lively discussion as much as anyone, but it's more interesting when the issues discussed are facts, not fantasy. The posted note about American embassy goons and officials intimidating or threatening me when I was editor at the Daily Star is pure fiction. I can assure you that I never had anyone from the embassy threaten or intimidate me about our coverage, and if they had tried they would have been politely shown the door. If others were intimidated, I cannot say, but I also doubt it. The insinuation that Michael Young was brought in to replace me is also untrue; I hired him in mid-2003 to launch our opinion page which he made essential reading for people around the world who follow the Middle East, regardless of what people may think of his personal views. I stepped down as editor nearly two years later for personal reasons having absolutely nothing to do with coverage or alleged pressure. Michael continues to edit the opinion page, I write a column twice a week at the Daily Star, there are no goons around as far as I can tell, and the Yankees will win the American League East race by 3 games over Boston..."