Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rami Khuri on Future TV. I watch the weekly program Transit on Future TV. Its host, Najat Sharaf Ad-Din is one of the few serious reporters on Hariri TV. Her program is devoted to media coverage, although her small segments that intend to be fake imitations of Jon Stewart will make you cringe because they are not only unfunny, but are quite annoying and obnoxious. But she hosts a decent program on that lousy channel. On today's episode, she had Ghassan Bin Jiddu and Rami Khuri. In the course the program, Khuri tried to explain to the Lebanese that Lebanon is quite secondary in US policy, and that it is merely used for the primary US policy toward the neighbors of Lebanon. It is very important that the Lebanese know that, although I doubt that they will because many Lebanese are still being told from infancy that their Cedars and Hummus are at the center of the universe.