Monday, July 30, 2007

"It blew the whole town away,' said Randy Bernett, a partner at Katy's, which served King Abdullah a breakfast of pancakes and mixed fruit. Abdullah and about 10 Harley riders then left for a ride down the Big Sur coast. The king's visit was meant to be low-profile, said a Jordanian consulate official, though it's rather difficult to remain incognito in the small city of Carmel when your entourage includes a host of Secret Service agents, members of the royal guard, a California Highway Patrol escort and a lineup of black SUVs. Bernett said Abdullah and his group arrived at the restaurant about 10:45 a.m. Wednesday. An advance team had arrived earlier to make certain that the seating arrangement was correct and to clear out the restaurant. Would-be diners of lesser royalty were asked to wait outside until the king arrived, but were allowed in when Abdullah was seated, Bernett said, who added the king apparently picked Katy's 'at the recommendation of a good friend.'" (thanks Nader)