Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Gen. Petraeus was on Al-Arabiya TV for the second time in around a month. He is very free with his time. Do you notice that US officials are now less likely to waste their time on Al-Hurra TV, which makes me wonder, yet again, why am I, as a taxpayers, still funding that failed channel when Saudi media are offering a free platform for US propaganda? The right-wing Lebanese personality, Elie Naquzi, is tasked by Al-Arabiya for interviews with heads and symbols of US occupation. He is the one who does the hours of hagiographic coverage of Iyad `Allawi (former puppet prime minister/embezzler-in-Yemen/Saddam's henchman/car bomber) whenever he runs in puppet elections. But I was impressed: Petraeus managed to say "thank you" in Arabic. Saying "thank you" in Arabic with the right sympathy for Israel qualifies one to receive a high degree in "Near" Eastern studies from Princeton University. The host of the show was almost about to hug and kiss his guest, and he basically told him that, yes, there is a great progress in Iraq, but those dumb Iraqis don't seem to get it. In other news, for those who follow the propaganda conspiracy in the Middle East, Al-Arabiya TV led the news today with more than 10 minutes--I had to switch the channel--on Iraqi soccer team victory. I swear that the correspondent kept talking about "happines in the North, Center and the South" that you are left with the impression that Mr. Bush is indeed making great progress in Iraq. I can see Al-Arabiya correspondent standing at a site in Iraq when the last US soldiers is leaving Iraq, and reporting about "the goodwill" that US occupation soldiers have left behind.