Thursday, July 26, 2007

A documentary on the '67 war has aired on AlJazeera. In it, Israeli intelligence released an audio tape of a phone conversation between Nasser and King Husayn. I can't judge the authenticity but it sounded like Nasser. (Kamal should offer an opinion on the matter ASAP). But Nasser does not come across well at all in the conversation: he comes across as manipulative, deceptive, and tricky. (Especially that Egyptian accounts on the private deliberations of Nasser and his aides during the war indicate that Nasser was angry at `Amir's attempt to claim that Egypt lost the war due to intervention by US forces. Nasser reportedly asked `Amir for evidence, while Nasser in the phone conversation is heard seeking to falsely claim that US and British planes were involved in the war.)
PS For me the unforgivable sin of Nasser is the 1967 war.