Saturday, July 28, 2007

Adam Ereli, former State Department spokesperson and ambassador to Bahrain, was on Al-Ittijah Al-Mu`akis. It was from two weeks ago but I just watched today. Ereli looked good--as good as that guy who lasted for 30 seconds with Mike Tyson before he knocked him unconscious. Usually, Ereli is very arrogant in his appearances but not this time. At least he did not speak in Arabic--somebody must have told him that his Arabic is incomprehensible. At one point, the host, Faysal Al-Qasim, asked him a simple question about an article in the Independent about oil in Iraq. Ereli told him that the Independent newspaper is not good enough for him to wipe his nose "after" he sneezes, as he said. That is the level of US discourse in Arab media by Mr. Ereli (Later Ereli explained that his comment was really about that particular article and not about the whole newspaper.) The other guest was the demagogue MIsh`an Jabburi. I swear to you that early after the American invasion of Iraq, Jabburi (a former Saddam man) used to appear on AlJazeera to defend to the war and occupation, and now he appears to defend the resistance.