Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The UNSC council has just passed a resolution to establish an international tribunal to find and punish the killers of Rafiq Hariri. As is well-known, this tribunal will 1) end all manners of Syrian intervention in Lebanon; 2) finally produce a sovereign and free Lebanon; 3) force the Lebanese to love one another; 4) will also produce unprecedented prosperity for all the Lebanese; 5) will address the underlying causes of all conflicts in Lebanon; 6) will undermine sectarianism in society and in the Lebanese political system; 7) will end the massive corruption that plagues the Lebanese administration; 8) will ensure that all Lebanese groups and militias are disarmed; 9) will defeat the Iranian plot in the region. However, the tribunal, as is well-known, will not find nor will it punish the killers of Rafiq Hariri although the UN investigative team is examining soil samples in Saudi Arabia. Stay tuned.