Monday, May 28, 2007

The Thieves by Iraqi poet Nazik Al-Mala'ikah (my translation):
"It is the night; all the borders
sank in its pitch-darkness
and it wrapped the existence
O, Arab beware
The desolute open ranges
are filled with the steps of enemies
from behind the banks of
the Euphrates and the Gulf,
to San`a'
And numerous thives,
all are greedy and deceptive
They came from behind the seas
stealing the food of the hungry
They descended upon the dark-skinned
stealing furits and dates
taking away the ground and air
capturing dew and light
They will deprive you, if they can
the green of the smiling trees
suffocating the tender songs
preventing sleep and dream
They are blocking the road,
obstructing all paths
Wake up, Ye noble Arab"