Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A person in Lebanon who knows the refugee camps in Lebanon more than anybody else, sent me this:
"The consensus around the Lebanese Army is targeted, they want the army to explode . Hariri have been financing the fundamentalist groups: Fateh Al-Islam went to Abu-Khaled Al-Amleh and asked to get their offices and arms in the camps to offer them in return salaries for their members, knowing that they did not have any cash. He accepted. Soon later they had conflicts with Fateh Al-Intifada. It seems that they tried to be implanted in Chatila camp in its periphery one year ago (they were all weird persons with long beards and various nationalities: Bangladesh, Afghan, Saudis, Yemenis and many others), however the inhabitants kicked them out. Later they got huge amount of money from Hariri camps (Bahiyya funding "Jund Al-Sham" in Ayn El-Helweh)..It seems all this aiming at creating a Sunni army who will be able to fight the shiite Hizbollah once the Palestinians obtain the Lebanese nationality. The Palestinian percentage in this faction remain very low, the majority being Lebanese (Akkar, Dennyeh...). The Lebanese Army Commander in Chief had a huge fight yesterday with Wissam Al-Hassan (president of the information department in the Lebanese Internal Security Forces), because of lack of cooperation and share of information. He refused to enter the camp. They want to drag the army and divide it...The country is open to all possibilities..However the arbitrary pounding of the camp started to provoke all refugees who were all (at the beginning) in support of the Lebanese Army reaction. Fateh Al-Islam is not supported by the camp inhabitants as they are not from the camp..."