Thursday, May 31, 2007

Maria (my 2nd ex) did not like what I wrote below about The White Man and Africa. She wrote to me: (Of course, I have her permission to cite).

"You rarely see articles on the death of the big apes, either. I'm serious--how often have you heard about the near-extinction of the bonobos? The White Man cares about how "cool" the animals in Africa are--but if it came to actually spending money and energy on saving them (which would require huge changes in lifestyle for most white people), the White Man is no more interested in doing that for the sake of animals than for the sake of other people. I just don't like the implication that caring about one means not caring about the other--truly caring about and fixing the problems that are killing the big apes would go a long way toward fixing the problems that are killing humans in Africa, too. It is all connected. It is all about caring more about money and status than about animals OR people."