Monday, May 28, 2007

Everybody in the Arab world (and in the West) is aware that Al-Qa`idah has specialized in attacks on civilians worldwide, and that it has never helped the Palestinians in their struggle. In fact, this very factor explains the failure of Al-Qa`idah in attracting any support among the Arab masses, especially among the Palestinians. Yet, this House of Saud columnist insists that Al-Qa`idah's aim in Lebanon is to attack Israeli soldiers (and not to instigate sectarian conflict and mayhem in Lebanon). According to his theory, Hasan Nasrallah is opposed to Al-Qa`idah in Lebanon because he knows that they will compete with Hizbullah in anti-Israeli activities. This only confirms my theory--or one of them anyway--that House of Saud remains sympathetic to Al-Qa`idah and to Bin Laden personally to this very day.