Thursday, April 12, 2007

It is rather cute how some assume that they are Middle East experts just because their daddies hold public office. Here is Liz Cheney now talking about George Hawi (the communist leader--Cheney does not know that--don't tell her--who was in negotiations with Syrian intelligence weeks before his death, and who was loyal to the Syrian regime): "the Lebanese intellectual and anti-Syrian leader George Hawi was assassinated by a car bomb." She then said: "Imagine if, in 1776, James Madison, John Adams or Thomas Jefferson had been struck down by assassins." Let me guess: so Jubran Tuwayni is Madison, and Pierre Gemayyel is Jefferson, and Rafiq Hariri is Adams, right Ms. Cheney? And imagine the daughter of the vice president of the US telling Arab leaders who they should meet with and who they should not meet with: "Arab leaders should stop receiving Bashar al-Assad." OK, Ms. Cheney. Would you like them to send you a smoothie too? And you have tremendous clout in the Middle East, especially as the administration enters its last phase. And the successes of your father's visions for the Middle East, and your citation of Michael Husayn Young, only add to your credibility.