Saturday, March 17, 2007

Of course, I have no interest and no curiosity regarding the identify of Rafiq Hariri's assassins. I just don't care personally especially when the Hariri family has taken Lebanon to the brink of civil war all in the name of "finding the truth". I have posted my thinking on this previously. I get upset whenever I read yet another UN report about the investigation. You read it and realize that millions are being spent--no, wasted--on this matter. I am more interested in finding out the identity of those who collaborated with the Israeli war on Lebanon--in Lebanon and beyond. I wish the money of the Hariri's assassination is spent on some other more useful purpose. And the Syrian regime and its allies in Lebanon continue to praise the professionalism of the new investigator, Braamertz. How foolish they are. Just because the UN, the US really, sent a more quiet and less clumsy and crude investigator, does not mean that this is a "professional" or "independent" investigation. All that comes out of the UN after the end of the Cold War is tainted by US intervention and manipulation. Yes, I said ALL. Paragraph 63 of the new report all but names the Syrian regime as the party that killed Hariri. Syrian officials have not noticed yet. They are busy putting people in jail.