Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Now that Saudi-Syrian relations seem to be improving, you will see the results in the Saudi-funded Arab media. Suddenly, reports about Syrian human rights violations will disappear (not that Saudi Arabia is in a position to judge anybody); suddenly, `Abdul-Halim Khaddam will not find a place in Arab media to speak; suddenly, Syrian role in Lebanon will be praised; suddenly, reports of Syria's isolation will disappear. Hariri rag, Al-Mustaqbal, is already feeling the pain. Today, I could not find a reference to the (2nd) meeting between Bashshar and the Guardian of the Three Sites (two holy, and one IKEA store in the kingdom). Today, Al-Arabiya TV which specialized in airing embarrassing reports about the Syrian regime in the last two years, was leading with a sound bite by non-other than Bashshar Al-Asad, in which he says that he considers the Saudi summit as "the best" Arab summit in recent years. He also declared the Saudi weather as "the best" in the world. Bashshar added that the Saudi king is "the best looking" man he has ever seen.