Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Concoct a plot, and then find the right Syrians and Palestinians to frame them. There is really nothing new about the claim of a plot by the Lebanese government today. In fact, Hariri rag, Al-Mustaqbal, claimed back in 29 of November* that Fath-Islam was sent by the Syrian regime to plant bombs in Lebanon, and to assassinate March 14th Movement. This was before the so-called members of the "plot" were arrested. Notice that Hariri minister of interior, Hasan As-Sab`, said that there is no difference between Fath-Uprising and Fath-Islam. How does he know that, when it looks like Abu Khalid Al-`Amlah (formerly of Fath-Uprising) has split from the organization, and is now languishing in jail in Damascus. And the Hariri director-general of the Hariri militia (known in Lebanon as Internal Security Forces) claimed that the organization has no connection with Islam or with Islamic fundamentalism. So basically, Fath-Islam is in reality Fath-Ba`th. OK. Of course, the Syrian regime is capable of crimes and bombings, and they had a long record in that regard with the assistance of some of their clients (many of them are now part of March 14th Movement), but I remain skeptical regarding claims by this lousy government of Lebanon that has no credibility whatsoever. And the Lebanese government claimed that "an Arab source" funds them, but they then said that they use bank robberies for their funding. And one of them was asked to plant both bombs on BOTH busses. He was asked to plant the bomb on the first bus, and then descend, and then plant the other bomb on the other bus. And initially, the Lebanese government claimed that a Saudi was one of the members. A few hours later, the official account spoke of "people with forged Gulf passports." Don't be surprised if Hariri rag tomorrow claims that the gang was driven around Lebanon by none other than Bashshar in the new Sham car, and that the Iranian general who defected to the US trained them, and that Chavez gave them their pocket money.
*I initially wrote October, but corrected it today Wednesday to November.