Wednesday, December 27, 2006

When you are paid to lie. Samir `Atallah*, a reliable (and often entertaining) Lebanese columnist who was one of the pioneers for advocating journalistically for the House of Saud back in the early 1970s, here says that most media in Lebanon are under the control of the opposition. Of course, most media in Lebanon are under the control of Hariri and/or Saudi Arabia.
*Samir `Atallah was driving the car with Michel Abu Jawdah, the well-known daily columnist for An-Nahar, in 1974, when goons of As-Sa`iqah (a tool of the Syrian regime that barely exists today as a "PLO organization") kidnapped Abu Jawdah. As the story goes, `Atallah fled as soon as he saw the armed men and ran all the way from Rue Madame Curie to An-Nahar's offices on Hamra street. He arrived into the editorial office Ghassan Tuwayni and sobbed, feeling sorry about abandoning his colleague.