Friday, December 29, 2006

When I think that the news from Lebanon are gloomy, I come across good news: "On the 17th of October, the Criminal Records Sub-Division in Beirut started giving a new computerized form of criminal records.The citizens are able now, within the official working hours, to obtain this new form in a couple of minutes, only by presenting their identity card or civil status extract directly to the officer in charge.This new procedure aims at sparing the citizens time and efforts." Also the brilliant police minds in Beirut, advise you to hang your bag around your neck--and then stretch until you can't breathe: "In order to limit such a phenomenon, the Directorate General of the I.S.F has given the following instructions: · Watch out for the bikes especially when they carry two persons. · Keep your bag hung around your neck. · Let the bag be on the side of the wall."