Saturday, December 30, 2006

Salih `Umar Al-`Ali, who broke (belatedly--very belatedly--with Saddam in the 1980s, and who was chosen to read the death verdicts of the "spy ring" back in 1968) spoke on AlJazeera today. He expressed his regret for...opposing Saddam. He went on to pay tribute to Saddam. He said that the current government in Iraq is worse than Saddam's government. Why can't one oppose both governments? And do I really want to see George Galloway offer his commentaries on Middle East politics? Basically, just as the US forgives dictatorships that are pro-US, Galloway forgives Middle East dictatorships that are critical of the US. What is the difference? And who will console Ramsey Clark? Ramsey Clark cares more about Saddam than he cares about the people of Iraq. When I saw the footage of people dancing in the streets yesterday to the news of Saddam's execution, I could not help but think: did some of those people dance in previous years to the news of execution of Saddam's enemies by Saddam? Did some of those people yell in previous years--that most repugnant of a chant: "with spirit, with blood, we sacrifice ourselves for you, o Saddam"? I wonder.