Friday, December 01, 2006

K. in Beirut sent me this on CNN's Brend Sadler:
"Did you know that the people who want to bring down the Siniora govenrment are extremely obese? This has been proven by none other than CNN. They calculated last year that about 1 million Hariri supporters filled Sahat al-Shuhada on March 14, whereas this year the people who filled the same Sahat in addition to Riyadh al-Solh Square and Bishara al-Khoury place and the Jisr al-Ring are "maybe 200,000" according to Brent Sadler. In other words, each demonstrateor today equals in body size about 7-10 March 14th demonstrators. No wonder people (i.e. fashionably skinny beirut dwellers, a. k. a. "the lebanese people") are so afraid of them.
P.S. Actually, according to the brilliant Sadler, the demonstrations that followed Hariri's assassination occured "several years ago." I guess he wanted to show that big corporation journalists can provide an historical angle."