Sunday, December 24, 2006

It is over: the Iraq mess is no more. There is a new security plan for Baghdad. I know. I know. You have grown cynical. I know. This is security plan number 121st. I know that you have lost faith in the credibility of the occupation authority. But this one is serious. I mean, I am cynical usually but I really believe that this is it. This security plan will spread peace and justice in Iraq, and beyond. Mark my words: this security plan will turn Iraq into the exemplary model that the neo-conservatives wanted it to be. I heard Iraqi puppet officials explain the plan on TV. It sounded most impressive. I was most impressed when the said that the plan will entail the use of "rapid deployment" troops. I mean if rapid deployment troops will not solve Iraqi's problems nothing will. It is over. Peace has finally reached Iraq thanks to the security plan number 121st. If only the occupiers thought of this brilliant idea earlier.