Thursday, December 28, 2006

From my archives: an interview with Walid Jumblat.
"Question: this does not prevent the question, about the fact the Progressive Socialist Party did not participate in operations [of resistance] against Israel; permitting the passage of arms is not sufficient?
Answer: I say that we participated in the way that we felt was appropriate, by allowing weapons, materials, and men to pass through the mountain." In several part of the interview he used the word "ghadr" (treachery) (the same word he now uses to describe Hizbullah) about the Gemayyels and their militias. He also said: "Ghaddar (treacherous) is Amin Gemayyel. Ghaddar. The school of murder and ghadr is known by Amin Gemayyel, and the Gemayyel family brought into Lebanon--they and their tools. Car bombs, from Pierre down....How to look at Bashir [Gemayyel]? A reckless and sectarianly spiteful--very sectarianly spiteful man. Surrounded by killers. He came into power by the bayonet of Sharon...." In the same interview he also claimed that it was Abu Jamal (`Abdul-Halim Khaddam) who forced him to negotiate with Bashir and Amin Gemayyel. From As-Safir, April, 23, 1987, pp. 3-5.